Barn conversion

Major redevelopment and conversion of the barns into offices.

Compost Site

A Green Waste compost site opened in June 2005; this is owned and managed by Severn Trent Green Power.  The composting site processes up to 25,000 tonnes of garden waste a year, mainly from local authority collections.  The compost is processed to PAS100 standards and much of it is spread on our fields.

Anaerobic Digester

An anaerobic digestion plant opened in January 2013, also owned and managed by Severn Trent Green Power.  It processes local authority and commercial food wastes, which include packaged goods.  This diverts food waste from landfill to generate renewable energy. The facility processes over 50,000 tonnes of solid and liquid wastes a year, generating 2.4MW of electricity (enough to power 4,800 houses) and producing an excellent biofertiliser to PAS110 standards, some of which is spread on our fields. To see the process look at the WRAP video.


For many years a local pig producer, Stockcroft, has baled straw behind the combine and returned the farm yard manure to be spread in the fields as a fertiliser.  Fawley Farms also rent land to run outdoor pig units fitting in with our arable rotation.


There is a commercial shoot let out on the farm.

Telephone Masts

There are a number of mobile telephone masts located on the farm.


In 2010 an RTK mast was fitted to a grainstore at Clacks Farm. This principally was to be used by the farm’s own machines although now it is part of a larger network where signal is sold, via an agent, to other local users. On the farm there is also a 1 hectare let out as an organic market garden. The farm own a number of cottages rented out on the farm and in Benson itself.